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Frequently asked questions about e-books:

What is an e-book?

Why would I want to read an e-book?

What are the disadvantages of e-books?

How do I download an e-book?

How long does a download take?

What computer system do I need?

Do I need special software to read your e-books?
Can I print your e-books?
Are all your e-book pages accessible?
What is your return policy for passwords?

What if I accidentally delete my e-book?
Can I transfer the e-book to another computer?

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a book with text and often pictures that you read not on paper but on your computer screen.

Think of an e-book as a series of web pages bundled with a convenient navigation system that you can download as a unit and keep on your disk where they take up less space and require less dusting than paper books on your shelves.

Some e-books try to imitate the appearance of printed books on the screen and let you even turn the pages.

Ours are scrolls instead, as in the early days of writing.  They are above all formatted for effortless reading onscreen, with shorter lines and paragraphs than on paper, more distance between the lines, and frequent highlighting to help guide your eyes while you scroll.  We hope you find them easy to use, and we would appreciate your feedback.

Why would I want to read an e-book?

For the same reasons you read a paper book: you are curious about the subject, you like the writing, someone recommended it to you, or you have nothing better to do, and so on. 

The electronic form offers the additional advantages of easy navigation and searching, and the convenience of links to other pages and sites.  Also, it eliminates the cost penalty for using color.  Moreover, a library of e-books on your laptop is less strenuous to carry than lugging around the corresponding dead trees and barrels of often toxic ink.

What are the disadvantages of e-books?

You cannot use one to shore up a wobbly table, or step on a pile of them to reach more books on those upper shelves which you would need for paper books. 

E-books are also less than ideal for pressing flowers or leaves between their pages. 

How do I download an e-book?

You go to our download free e-books page, pick the title you want, and click on the blue "download" link next to it.  Chose where you want to save your book, and whether you want it to place its icon on your opening screen.  When the download is complete, click on its file name or on the icon, and enjoy the reading.

How long does a download take?

You will find on the download page next to each title the size of the file in kilobytes and an estimated download time over a 56 kbs modem.  Actual times will vary with the speed of your connection but should be in the same range of just a few minutes.

What computer system do I need?

You can read the online chapters with any system that lets you read this web page, although the Tables in some of them look best in Internet Explorer.

On the other hand, the e-books compiled for downloads are presently available only for computers that run a Windows 95 or later operating system and have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed.  You do not need to use Explorer as your browser, but it must be on your machine because the e-book compiler uses some of its components. 

Do I need special software
to read your e-books?

No and yes.  Like the online pages, the e-books can be read with all the major browsers that support the same features as Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later.

In practice, however, the large Tables included in a few of the chapters look best in Internet Explorer, with the font display size set to small or medium. 

Also, the web pages and e-books in the Prime Patterns, Constants, and Ancient Astronomy sections include some detailed TurboCAD drawings that are posted both as standard .GIF or .JPG raster images, and also as .DWF vector files.

These vector files require a free plug- in for your browser.  They have the advantage that they remain sharp at any magnification.  You can zoom in on them to see fine points unavailable in the raster pictures which have a limited resolution. 

Vector files also have usually smaller file sizes for the same amount of information.  However, those posted here are even larger than the raster files because they contain much more detail. 

You can view these web- enabled vector drawings with the easy- to- use WHIP!Viewer program from Autodesk, makers of the standard- setting AutoCAD drafting software.  That program is an ActiveX Control plug-in for your browser, and they allow you to download it free at

Can I print your e-books?

Yes.  You can print as many copies of the e-books in our Medicine section as you wish, and you can redistribute those copies freely.  As to the e-books in our other sections, you are allowed to print one copy for your personal use.

Are all your e-book pages accessible?

Yes for all those in our Medicine section and two in the board game section.  The other books have several open chapters and let you read you enough of the story to give you, we hope, a taste for more. 

If then you want to read on, you can unlock extra chapters which are included with your download.  Simply paste in the password we offer at the end of the free chapters. 

That password is available through a secure sales page at Clickbank, our on- line payment processing contractor.  They accept most major credit cards, and the password you get there gives you permanent access to all the pages of that e-book. 

The price for that password is listed in that offer as well as on the download page next to each title.

What is your return policy for passwords?

You can buy your password without risk: if you think the chapters to which it gave you access were not worth the price, and you tell us so within ten days of your purchase, we will ask Clickbank to refund you the full amount you paid.

What if I accidentally delete my e-book?

Give us your password for that book and the date you bought it, then download the e-book again to the same computer and tell us which password number it requires this time.  If your data matches our records, we will send you a free password for your new copy.

Can I transfer your e-books
to another computer?

Yes.  However, your password for the locked pages will only work on the machine to which you downloaded the e-book.  If you want to read those pages on another computer, you will have to buy another password.


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