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And enjoy this guest article on board games

The Evolution of Gaming

by Amber Griffin

The evolution of gaming dates back a long time ago. From ancient times, games have been a crucial part of how societies model their own strategies and power structures, which themselves are always evolving. Some games were once primarily reserved for the upper classes while other games were primarily played among the lower classes. The social dimensions began to take on a new meaning in the era of industrial production. Board games became mass-produced and, eventually, television would help popularize game playing and game marketing to the point of near saturation. After computers evolved to a certain level of sophistication, video games would grace the gaming scene. Here is a brief rundown of the evolution of gaming.

The Evolution of Gaming – The Ancient Games

Gaming goes back to the days of ancient Egypt and India, to name a few really old civilizations. Chess is the perfect example of an ancient game that underwent a wide variety of changes and evolved all the way into modern times. It started with a limited number of game pieces and a limited number of moves. Eventually, the moves were expanded upon to include more complex maneuvers and combinations of moves to attack your enemy. Like chess, many of the ancient games centered around the control of space represented on a board. These were the first board games. The board games as we know them today didn’t reach overwhelming prominence until just before the 20th Century.

The Evolution of Gaming – The Industrial Revolution and Gaming

The industrial revolution made it possible for society to mass-produce new board games and card games that could be distributed more affordably around the country. Board games like Monopoly would come to typify this type of board game, which included dice, cards, special control and game pieces. Card games like blackjack became extremely popular and that mass appeal continues today.

The Evolution of Gaming – Video Games

In the middle of the last century, the computer became a revolutionary technology that promised to change everything about how we envisioned and modeled the world. The coupling of computers with television enabled the video games to change the path of the evolution of gaming. The original Nintendo games of Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong helped make video games a force to be reckoned with in the consumer market. Video gaming has become a billion-dollar industry that is leaning towards ever-greater interactivity and multiplayer capabilities, with consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. With the advent of the Internet, video games became increasingly easier to access. As more sophisticated Flash games are made available for free online, the gaming industry is bound to be reshaped even further in the coming years.


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