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about premature babies, medical ethics,

and medical errors


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Affiliate links related to e-publishing:

If you ever toyed with the idea of publishing your own e-books, I highly recommend the Activ Ebook Compiler which I used for the ones I offer here.  It untangled this otherwise knotty task and made it very simple.

The ebookcompiler site offers you lots of useful information about virtually every aspect of e-publishing, including detailed guidance for beginners and a lively forum with questions from users and answers from experts.  If this smoothly paved way through the otherwise ocasionally rough terrain of e-publishing strengthens your resolve to publish your own e-book, then download your free evaluation copy of their compiler program at 
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To sell your e-books online without expensive shopping cart programs and merchant accounts, try out the simple system offered by Clickbank at  Accept credit cards today.  They take the drudgery and much of the cost out of the transactions and let you sell your e-books while you sleep.

To offer your e-books, you need a website, preferably with your own domain name which you have to register with a domain name registrar.  The one I use is  Their pricing is reasonable, they let you manage your own changes on a well designed panel, and when I had questions I got quick and useful replies.

For the website itself, you need a host who lets you put up your web on their servers.  My site resides on those of, and I recommend that host.  My experience so far with their support is good, their help files are detailed and well organized, they let you expand your site and bandwidth, and their rates are better than those of many others who offer less features and support.

And once your book is compiled and your website is up, you will find that you want to make a few  changes to many or all of your pages.  This can quickly become tedious, so I make such repeated modifications in many pages at once with Alias Find and Replace, an easy to use and inexpensive shareware program that allows me to substitute blocks of text or code across any group of files I pick and so automates an otherwise time- consuming chore.  They let you download a free evaluation copy at


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