We offer surprises about     

and numerals and their ancient religious uses     in our e-book

Ancient Creation Stories told by the Numbers

by H. Peter Aleff




Footnotes :


[1]  Aidan Dodson: “The Mysterious Second Dynasty”, KMT, Summer 1996, pages 19 to 31, see page 27 for pictures of statuette and of inscription.


[2]  Marshall Clagett: “Ancient Egyptian Science”, Volume 1, Figures 1.11 a and b, page 752.



[3] Richard J. Gillings: "Mathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs", Boston, 1972, edition consulted Dover, New York, 1982, pages 49 to 52.









Numerals and constants  


 tell the creations of numbers and world


King Djoser's Heb-Sed buildings




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