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1 Frankel & Teutsch: "The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols", cited above, entry on "Moon" pp. 113 and 114.









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 The golden ratio in the Jerusalem Temple

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The connections of pi with the sun and phi with the moon and its patroness allow us to appreciate, for instance, how the designer(s) of the layout described on the page Temple Dimensions used the Court length and width to mathemagically reserve the Court itself to the people of Israel, and how they relegated foreigners by similar means to the Temple Mount outside the Court.

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols records that the moon was a symbol of the smooth- skinned and pale patriarch Jacob/Israel and therefore of the Jewish people, whereas the sun was the sign of hairy and red Esau (Genesis 25:25) and of Israelís enemies1, most of whom worshiped the sun as their highest god.

This is why the ancient Hebrews celebrated many of their festivals on lunar dates, and it appears that they incorporated the same preference in their design for the Temple.  The number magic of the architects enveloped the worshipers inside the Temple Court at least twice with phi the constant of the moon but peppered the area outside that Court with solar numbers.

Here is how:  The 187 + 135 cubit sum of the Temple Courtís length and width virtually equals phi to its twelfth power, one for each of the twelve tribes:

187 + 135 = 322      phi12 = 321.9969
difference = 0.0009645%  

Moreover, dividing that sum of length and width by the difference between them yields a fair approximation to a tenfold reflection of the lunar number:

322 / 52 = 6.1923    10 / phi = 6.1803

That Court was thus clearly dedicated to the Shekhina and to her people.  On the other hand, the open length and width of the 500 x 500 cubit Temple Mount outside that 187 x 135 cubit Court within it yield solar numbers, symbols of non- Israel.  

In the north-south direction, this Mount-only distance was 

250 + 115 = 365 cubits, 

the rounded- off length of the solar year in days.  

From east to west the non-Court part of the Mount measured 

213 + 100 = 313 cubits 

which is a good approximation to 314 = 100 times pi, the number of the sun and its circles.

This numerical magic fits the ancient reports that only Jews were allowed to enter the Temple Court, and foreigners were kept out of it under penalty of death.


These number matches could, of course, be due to mere coincidences, except that this catch-all "explanation" wears a bit thin as you watch those "coincidences" accumulate.  

For instance, please note the further connection of that Jerusalem Temple precinct with the golden ratio by its location, as discussed on our page about "Auspicious Latitudes".



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