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Footnotes :

1 The Skymap Pro program is available from Chris Marriott at





  The Royal Game of the Goose


and of the Phaistos Labyrinth



Phaiskycomparison.gif (43054 bytes)

Clues to the Labyrinth (Part 2): Look in the northern skies on a clear night, then compare 

the stars there with the "falcon", the  "serpent", the "striding man", and the "hoof" next to him that all orbit around the "hub" on the labyrinth gameboard.  Include the star- stippled triangle in field 7 that occupies the open spot in the falcon-serpent orbit.
Or click on the thumbnail drawing above for a view of those skies as seen
from Phaistos in 1600 BCE, produced with the SkyMap Pro 4.0 astronomy program1.  The left side shows constellation lines that modern chartmakers paint on the sky.  On the right side, you see the brightest stars connected into "Cretan 

Labyrboardcolor39KB.jpg (77864 bytes)

constellations" that resemble the Phaistos signs in orbit around the "north pole" on the Labyrinth gameboard.

This arrangement of the signs also matches the ancient mythology :

In Ancient Egypt, the emblem of the sun god Horus was a falcon, and his inseparable adversary Seth was often shown as a serpent.  Horus grew up each day to become his own father Osiris, the old and dead sun that would engender the new Horus.

Seth battled and killed his twin brother Osiris on
the 26th of the month of Thoth, a day of bad luck in all the fortune-telling calendars along the ancient Nile.  Twenty- six is twice our still unlucky 13, and twice 26 is 52, the field where the Phaistos falcon lies upside down, a universal sign of distress.
After being killed by Seth, Osiris went into the sunless netherworld for his afterlife.  After the falcon's distress on the Disk, the next field on its and the serpent's chess- knight's path is the first field on that path that shows them without the rayed sun- head. 
The Egyptians celebrated the resurrection festival of Osiris with a procession of 34 gods in 34 boats.  Field 34 pairs the falcon and serpent with a "bough of life".

A feather was in Ancient Egypt one of the symbols for rightness and the purified soul.  On Judgment Day, the heart of the deceased was weighed against a feather and would have tilted the scales if it had been heavy with sin.

Live pharaohs were identified with the sun.  When dead, they rose to the sky to circle high up with the "immortal" northern stars, and to rule them with their scepter as they had ruled on Earth.

Thorax, the Greek loanword for chestcage, also named the armor to protect that chest. The syllabic sign TAR from the Cretan Linear B script a couple of centuries after the Disk looks just like the corselets on the Disk and like the pictures of chest armor from those days. 

Tartessos the fabulous town lies far in the west, as does Tarrha, the westernmost port of western Crete.  And to reach Tartarus, the Greek place of the dead, Odysseus had to sail west
The boat was a symbol of travel and the main means of transportation for the sun god.  The repeated combination of the sun head with the boat and the "tar" T-shirt sign would then mean "the sun is traveling west".  

This would at long last confirm that our day-star was moving back then in the same direction as today, even before the biblical Joshua told it to stand still.

Continue here for more clues, or buy the Game of the Goose and of the Labyrinth


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