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  The Royal Game of the Goose


and of the Phaistos Labyrinth


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Rules of Play   for
the Game of the LabyrinthTM
Part 1:  The Adventure: 
This is a game for two, three or four players, each traveling with four game pieces.

The gameboard is the Labyrinth of King Minos and his Minotaur, and your four game pieces are the youths and maidens the Athenians had to pay as tribute every nine years to King Minos, who then sent them into the Labyrinth for the Minotaur to snack on.
The Labyrinth has a floor mosaic that shows what happens on Earth and in the Sky; and the youths and maidens will trace the story on the floor for you with their "understanding feet" as they travel from field to field towards the center, from field 1 to the inner chamber at 61. 
They all race to the center as fast as they can, all the while trying to avoid traps and pitfalls. In the center they enter the Ancient Greek paradise Elysium, the Land of the Blest, and are "borne" (carried off from the gameboard).
The goal
: The first player to bear off all four travelers is the winner.

To start : Each player selects a group of four playing pieces of a distinct color and places them outside the entrance of the Labyrinth to await entry.  Each player rolls one die;  the player with the highest number goes first. Turns continue clockwise.
At each turn, roll the two dice and move one or two of your Athenians according to the numbers facing up, one field for each point for the full count of the die. You have to use each number separately:  if you use both numbers for the same traveler, you must land at the end of the first number before continuing with the second number.
Landing on a penalty field traps the player, who must then suffer the penalty before continuing.  Landing on a benefit field allows the player to take advantage of any advance or boon before continuing with any remaining number. See below the detailed descriptions of the fields for what to do when landing on certain spaces.
Unless all your Athenians are trapped, you must use both your numbers and move at least one of your travelers at each turn, be it only to return to the same field or to have two of your people switch places with each other.
If one of your Athenians cannot move forward the full number on a die because an exact count is required to arrive on a field ahead, step forward into that field and then one step backwards for each excess point on that die. This is permitted even if one of your other people could use the whole die to move forward.
Except on sanctuary spaces, Athenians do not share fields. If one arrives on an occupied field, that occupant goes to where the new arrival just came from, even if it is one of your own group.
The Sanctuary Spaces
: The following fields are the only ones that may be occupied by any number of Athenians at the same time:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  31 and  58.
The helpful Celestial Goose: The Great Cackler laid the World Egg from which the sungod hatched (the Ancient Egyptian priests long showed the egg shell to eager believers in a temple built around it in Hermopolis). When you come to her field she helps you along:
When you land on a field with one of the "Flock of Geese a-flying"  >  arrows, you get to use again the last single die number which brought you on that field, and again as long as you land on a field containing the arrow, until you land on one without the geese.
If you land on the geese while going backwards, continue going backwards by again your last die, until you no longer land on a field with geese.
The Knight's Orbit: The Great Knight's Orbit moves forward along the track of fields 7-46-49-52-55-34 and back again. When you land on any of these fields, except for the trap in 52, you may take a free skyride. This fast track is fraught with danger, however, so ponder well your choices:
If you decide to take this ride, you get one free roll of a single die.  Count its points forward along the orbit from wherever you enter it. Reverse direction at the end of the line if you have excess points remaining on your free roll.
The special fields along the regular path :
1 to  5: The Passage to Life and the Birth of the Gods :  Long life, health, and full granaries to you, you are born on the birthday of the great Osiris, and you will bring blessings to the kingdom for fifty-seven springs and summers and winters, or nineteen years until the sun and moon come together again. 
And like the sun you will travel westward.
Framed by two metronome striders, the first five fields are the birthdays of Osiris the god of resurrection, of Horus and Set the twin and opposite guardians of the Divine Law, and then of Isis the loving sky goddess and Nephthys the force of renewal from decay, the mothers, aunts, sisters, and spouses of Osiris and the twins.
These five birthdays lie outside the flow of time, before the beginning of the 360-day year. During these holy days, the gods dwell on Earth to confirm their pact with mankind through the king and to grant him and his people another term.  No harm can befall anyone in the kingdom during these birthdays;  the lion lies with the lamb, and no one is ever attacked by a wild beast or a man. 

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