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  The Royal Game of the Goose


and of the Phaistos Labyrinth


Brickmaze01.jpg (22001 bytes)

Rules of Play for the
Game of the LabyrinthTM
Part 2:  The special fields

1 You must pass through Birth on
field 1
by exact count, and you share the first five fields with all comers.  That is, you must roll a "1" to enter a traveler into the game on field 1.  More than one playing piece may occupy any of the first five fields at the same time.
6  The Bridge at Six: The year and your duties begin. Your royal power brings fertility to fields and fish. The first six fields count double for you, so you take the passage to 12, there to begin your reign with the sun head and the sky circle, upheld by the twin feather emblem of Truth and Divine Law which overcomes chaos and darkness. Advance to field 12.
7 The womb in the sky: On the seventh day, the star-stippled womb with the sky-mark brings forth the twins of heaven who will rule the world. You can join them in their travel along the Knight's Orbit.  You may ride the Knight's Orbit with a free roll of a single die. Do not enter the tunnel to 52.
13 The meeting of moon and sun : Thirteen fields plus the first six counted double complete a cycle of nineteen years. The fresh moon meets the newly born sun on the midwinter solstice in the hospitable house of Aquarius the Water-carrier and -server.
A bough of Life marks the beginning of the new Great Year in the Sky because the first moonlight meets the first sun with the sky circle sign from the preceding field 12.  The New Year's Day fertility festival in 6, from where you just arrived for the new sun's enthronement in 12, has been effective: the young sky-ruler hatched in 10 made the bough of Life rise out of the dark watery abyss in the West in 11, so your dominion will be blessed with abundance.
You must sacrifice a bull because the old sun died on this for him unlucky thirteenth to make room for the new one.
  You lose two turns.
18 The quarter moon: The waxing moon and its dark side are even and lined up for the race with their emblems. You advance to full moonlight, but beware of the twice thirteen: the moonlight's victory prepares its defeat in 39, before the dark watery abyss in the sky reigns alone and the moon-cat is dead in 40.  Advance to field 26.

21 The gibbous moon : The waxing moonlight is now ahead in her race against the vanishing darkness. You advance to full moonlight, but beware of the third thirteen: even victors are mortal. Advance to field 26.

31 The passage through Initiation : Nineteen years have passed since the sun began his ministry at 12.  You enter the inner Labyrinth and are purified as in a baptismal well. The great dove goddess confirms you are destined to rule, and you will be renewed as through a fountain of youth.
But first you must go into the darkness in 32 to receive there the Will of the Gods, the Divine Law, just as King Minos was said to do in the cave of Zeus when his kingship needed renewal. The down-arrow in 33, the field with the second half-time marker, shows that the Life of the Sun goes Down, but three days after the Passage the resurrection of the falcon in 34 confirms your renewal for another nineteen fields, until the time-reversing falcon dies in 52.
The Initiation festival is a hallowed day. No one ever gets sick, and no one
raises a hand against a neighbor.
You must pass through Initiation on your way to Elysium, and you share the field with all comers.  You must arrive on field 31 by an exact count.  Any number of pieces may occupy this field at the same time.

  The resurrection of the falcon
: The falcon god who died in 52, and entered the sunless underworld in 55, is risen from the dead and lives again, his head held high.  He is freed from the wheel of this world and no longer tied to its matter.  You may ride the Knight's Orbit along the track 34 - 55 - 52 - 49 - 46 - 7 and back again if you have excess points on your free roll of a single die.
Judgment Hall
: Your heart was weighed in the House of the Two Truths in 41;  it is not heavy with any of the forty-two deadly sins, and the forty-two assistant judges in the afterworld find you truthful and righteous.
You can "go forth by day as a living soul" in the form of a Ba-bird, and you can travel with the Great Celestial Goose herself on your journey through the sky to the Land of the Blest.  The flock of geese on this field has the sky-mark, so instead of doubling your die,
advance fourteen spaces to field 56.
44 - 50  and 45 - 51 The Millstone hub: The king's feather-soul travels westwards with the immortals who never sink below the horizon; the strider is not a metronome here but bears the sky-mark; he acts as umpire between the twin combatants and guides the king's feather-soul in his turns around the Millstone pivot in the sky, which is the celestial North Pole.
If you land on a Millstone field, you may, if you wish, cross the Millstone diagonally from 44 to 50 or from 45 to 51, or reversed. This is a free move.  You may then continue with any remaining number from your dies.
46 and 49  The peaceful reign:  The heavenly Twins from the star-stippled sky-womb in 7 revolve majestically up high for two seasons, ruling together the above in 50 and the below in 47 between them. On either of these fields, you may join the Knight's Orbit, starting toward 34.

52  The fall of the falcon: When the unlucky number thirteen looms four times repeated, and nineteen years after the sun's life went down the last time in 33, the falcon's twin brother the serpent slays him, and the upside-down falcon falls from the sky.  Lose two turns and then take the tunnel to field 7 to be born again. (Want to try the Knight's Orbit again from there?)
  The sunless sky below
: The falcon who died three days ago in 52 is now the Judge of the Underworld, his head held high as befits a ruler.  He was guided to his new place by the dove in 53 through the realm of the dead in 54 which is ruled by the goddess with the down arrow and the eclipse sign. 
(This sign marks that eclipses of the same kind occur every 54 seasons before the same background of stars, a cycle the Babylonians called "Saros" or "repetition"). 
The falcon-king is, as always, inseparable from his twin brother the serpent, but the sun no longer shines for him.
  You may join the Knight's orbit, starting toward 34.
58  Death: Nineteen years of three seasons each have passed since your entrance into life and kingship. The old sun has died and lost his hair; his cheek is marked with the meeting of moon and sun, and the feather-soul has left the body.
Your Athenians must pass through Death on their way to Elysium, except for direct ascensions like those of Heracles and others: When an Athenian from beyond Death returns because of excess points that are not right for Elysium, and lands on a field before Death which is already occupied,
then the still living Athenian, in changing places with the returner, has overridden Death. 
You must arrive on field 58 by an exact count on the die.  Exception: when the die roll of a player on field 60 exceeds the exact count needed to arrive on 61 and that player's traveler must back up to before 58 and happens to land on your field, you change places, and so you advance directly to the field that player started from, and you don't need to enter field 58.
If, however, on a future turn you, too, overshoot 61 and land back before 58, you must then roll an exact count of the die to enter 58 all over again. Any number of pieces may occupy field 58 at the same time.

  The Maze in Tartarus
:  The T-shirt signs "Tar-Tar" are upside down and in distress.  This signals a place of gloom and doom far in the West where the sun dies down into the underworld. The lily-soul must go through the Maze at the entrance to the beyond, a frightful Labyrinth with terrible Hu-kherus lurking in the darkness.
But if the lily-soul does right and has no blemish, then Life blooms again for it at the exit from the darkness. The lily escapes the fate of the fallen head, the thirteenth of the group with the sky circle sign who is tossed to evil brood, an early ancestor of Judas. The lily-soul returns instead to the star-stippled sky-womb of Isis in 4, to be born again on the seventh day in field 10 as the young ruler with the sky-mark.  Go back twelve fields to 47.

  "Borne" again in Elysium
: You have overcome all the obstacles in your path with fortitude, and on the third day after Death you are "borne" again in the Land of the Blest. Your immortal feather-soul will live forever among the eternal stars that never sink below the horizon, and you can "go forth by day as a living soul.  You must enter field 61 by exact count. Once arrived there, carry your traveler off the board.

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