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  The game from the depths of time  


now mirrors the new millennium 


Quantplas1.gif (15673 bytes)

Good news for you if you are a QuantumTM player:
Would you like to save your playing partners some
money and get paid yourself for doing so without effort? 

Then read on about our rebate and rewards program for
Quantum players which we will offer for the upcoming introduction of the all-plastic version.
Good games are like fire, or like the life they portray: they spread by live contact. We benefit from this and want to spread some of that benefit back to you and to those whom you introduce to Quantum.

So, if you teach someone to play Quantum, and they enjoy it enough to buy a copy of the plastic version, then we will give them a rebate on their purchase, and a reward to you.

All you need to do is to register with us, or more precisely with our account at
Clickbank, an online payment handling service that sends rewards checks automatically.  Click on the link below, tell them where you want them to mail your checks, and they will give you your personal rebate password

You note that password on the bottom of your Quantum gameshaker and are done. 

Then, when you play
Quantum with someone, and they ask you where they can buy their own copy of the game, you give them our website address followed by your password.

This will lead them to a special rebate page which the bankís computer sets up for you while issuing your password.  On that rebate page, anyone using your password will be able to buy the same all-plastic Quantumgame for US$3.00 less than on our regular salespage.
You are therefore doing your referrals a favor by giving them your password, and itís in their interest to use it because
they save $3.00.  And itís in your interest to give it to them because we will pay you $3.00 for each game we sell through that page identified by your password.
This is our way of thanking you for having carried the spark to those new players.  Just tell the bank during the registration how often you want to receive those reward checks from them, and from then on the
payments to you are automatic.

Enjoy your Quantumgame, and
let us reward you for teaching it to others


Register here for your password

Note: This program will only be offered for the all-plastic version of Quantum, still to be introduced, not for the mahagony- framed collector's edition which is now available from Kadon Enterprises at



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