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  The game from the depths of time


now mirrors the new millennium 


Quantwood2.gif (16679 bytes)

A letter from Kate Jones, founder of Kadon Enterprises. Kadon now offers the mahagony- framed collectors' edition of Quantum.

Dear Quantum creators:
We recently heard of your Quantum game for the first time, from an ad in Toy and Hobby World, and inquired about it. The booklet sent in answer is a marvel! Was it based on someone's thesis or dissertation? In every respect it is a tour de force, a wondrous achievement one has stopped expecting in today's game business. Hope you don't turn out to be too intellectual for your own good.

The reason for our rhapsodizing about your product is that, as you can see from our catalog, we are dedicated to good strategy games that are original and that we can make ourselves in deluxe wood sets. We do only direct selling, including mail order.

We would like to have an opportunity to examine an actual Quantum set and playtest it before deciding whether to offer it through our catalog. Would it be possible to purchase one sample for this purpose? We would be interested only in the deluxe wood version. That is the one we would be purchasing from you for resale.

We are puzzled by the whimsical creatures you have parading around the margins of the book. What is their function, purpose or significance?

Our game, Proteus, by the way, is a close second to Quantum in "random" beginnings, since the starting position is laid out and can have any of 362,560 different arrangements... on a 3x3 grid! Admittedly a puny number compared to yours.

We do a little better with Octiles, where any of 18 tiles can occupy any of 17 spaces in any of 8 orientations; by our rough calculations, in the neighborhood of 738 times ten to the 43rd. That doesn't take into account the added complications of using two, three or four players, of course.

I look forward to your reply.

Kate Jones, Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
Creators of Quintillions
The aristocrat of strategy games

February 21, 1985

Explore Kadon's delightful website at and buy there the mahagony-framed collector's edition of Quantum, or continue here to the story of the Quantumgame.




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