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Table of Contents

Rectangular arrays

Twin prime proof

Prime facts

Prime problems

Polygonal numbers

Number pyramids


Prime string angles

Prime calendar

Mummy path slopes

Passage angles

Reader responses



Numerals Introduction

Horus Eye Fractions

Creation by numerals

Shen Ring Universe

Heh God Millions

Tadpole Proliferation

Finger Counting

Lotus Rise

Rope Geometry

Vault of Heaven

Upright Life


Creation by constants

Genesis Equations

Creation Prelude

Ark to Altar line

Ladder to heaven

King Solomon's Pi
Number perceptions
Golden ratio properties
Golden ratio prehistory
Woman Wisdom
Constant e of growth
Outer limit circle
Temple dimensions
Matching traditions
Auspicious latitudes
Reader responses


Phaistos Disk Story

Summary of Vol. One

Table of Contents

Riddle introduction

Translation examples

New perspective

Rosette symbolism

Rosette examples

Gameboard tracks

Heads on Disk

Philistine connection

Philistine fluted crown

Senet as key to Disk

Senet enduring magic

Calendar gameboards

Marks on Senet squares

Senet and Phaistos Disk

Metonic cycle on Disk

Command- Life- Down

T-shirt sign Tartarus

Preview Vol. 2

Reader responses 

Game of the Goose
and Labyrinth

Goose Introduction
Riddle of Goose
Goose Game Rules
Labyrinth Riddle
Phaistos Disk Riddle
Labyrinth clues
Labyrinth rules
Goose versus Disk
Solomon's Labyrinth

Before Quantum
Quantum Now
Rules for Quantum
Quantum Responses
Quantum Reviews
Quantum Rewards

Books & Info on Games


Cherub ivory carving
Cherub arcs and stars
Cherub size
Cherub north pole
Stars missing
Nova explosion?
Lightning flashes
Wheel data

Riddle Rings Cover

Rogem Hiri Story


Articles, ebooks
Description of problem
Protect your baby
e-books Introduction
e-books Contents
Baby-blinding lights
Oxygen withholding
Research Frauds
Bogus Bioethics
Sovereign doctors
Macular degeneration
FAQ on ROP ending
Preemie Pain

Parent Concerns

Skeptics' Test

Help for Victims?

TV transcripts
on baby-blinding

Good Morning America
CBC Market Place
USA Today

Print coverage
The New York Times
Parade Magazine
Twins Magazine
The Catholic Herald
People's Medical Soc.


    e-books on riddles in science  


easy to read and hard to forget


Examine here  a selection of  free e-books about areas of science which have either sunk into oblivion or were drowned by backward eddies in the current mainstream teachings on their subjects.  And brace yourself because some of them buck the tides of received opinion.

You can read their starting chapters by clicking on the links to them in the navigation bar at left, or you can download the e-book version of those that already have blue links on our download page.  Those with grey links there are not yet ready as e-books but many of their chapters are posted on this site. 

Our e-books are available as .pdf files which you can use with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later, or with Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader, and also as self- contained Windows .exe programs which you can read with any browser, provided you run Windows 95 or later and have Explorer 4.0 or later installed on your system. 

Some of our free e-books offer you extra chapters to which you can buy access at the end of the free ones, as explained farther below. 

Click on one of their headings listed here to go to their section, or read on and use the links to them which are repeated at the bottom of this page:


Prime Patterns  A simple proposed proof of the twin prime conjecture, surprising regularities in the distribution of prime numbers, and circumstantial evidence for symbolic uses of these patterns in ancient Egypt



Numerals and Constants  A double creation story told by the Egyptian hieroglyphic numeral system; a series of quasi- equations with mathematical constants that appear to have provided the model for the biblical account of creation in Genesis One;  and additional ancient Near Eastern evidence for the religious role of numbers and for mathemagic with symbolic values of constants.


Board Games  The games of the Goose and of the Labyrinth on the Bronze Age Phaistos Disk : their history and reconstruction plus their update in the Quantumgame.



Ancient Astronomy   A star chart embedded in a Phoenician ivory carving of a winged cherub reveals the astronomical basis of its design and emphasizes the ancient religious importance of the northern stars.  


Medicine  Patient-harming frauds in medical research about baby- blinding retinopathy of prematurity, their continued cover- up, and the rot in the medical- governmental system that rigs studies to continue the harming.  Find out about crass violations of patients rights committed right to the sounds of much touted US- Presidential apologies for past medical abuses of a similar kind.



The e-books in the Medicine section are all free, to help spread the word about the easy prevention of the baby- blinding, and about the scandal of doctors rigging their research to continue that epidemic.

In the Board Games section, the e-booklets about the Game of the Goose and Labyrinth and about the Quantumgame are also entirely free, partly to introduce you to the highlights of our more detailed e-book about the Phaistos Disk, and also to acquaint you with those games derived from it.

Our other e-books are free for enough chapters to let you examine their subject and flavor and, we hope, to get you interested in what comes next. 

If those free chapters make you curious enough about the extra chapters which are included on the locked further pages, then you can purchase your password to them with a few clicks, as described at the end of the free part. 

Your purchase will be as safe as any internet banking with the strongest encryption can be:  these transactions do not go through us but through Clickbank, a secure online payment service which handles the authorization of your credit card and the transfer of the purchase amount.  None of your credit card information reaches our site or is accessible to us. 

In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with the chapters to which you buy access:  if you think they are not worth the price you paid, and you tell us so within ten days of your password purchase, we will ask Clickbank to refund you the full amount they charged to your card.

Now click on the links below to the startling discoveries in their different sections, and enjoy your tour of this site!

Prime Patterns     Constants  

Board Games 
 Ancient Astronomy      Medicine


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